Thursday, 16 October 2014

Scary camp story

           Scary story

This is a scary story about camp so lets get started.It was a dark night only the rustling of the branches could be heard and the howling of the wind which made the door creep open ever so slightly every now and then. I saw a light it was heading towards our cabin getting brighter every minute one by one the girls got into their sleeping bags a little deeper and tried to be as silent as possible even Isabella who usually talked through the whole night. Suddenly the light got so bright it blinded us all at last my eyes adjusted and  I could make out a tall figure from what I saw it looked he was holding a knife a screamed and the figure switched of the torch and turned on the light.It was… Stacy he wasn't holding a knife it was he key to his car He asked me why I screamed I was lost for words so I pretended to be asleep  after what seemed like hours he left and I could get some proper rest!

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