Monday, 9 November 2015

Meringue market day

Last Friday was market day were we all sold our products which we have been working on for ages

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Package trial

We had to trial what package worked best for our inquiry product.

Package Trials:

  1. Glad wrap didn't work because it is not tight enough so the meringues would go stale.
  2. Plastic bags did work because you can seal them and they are big enough for my meringues to go in.

Recipe flowchart:

Meringue ingredients:
Egg White
Vanilla essence

My target: Middles and Seniors.
I will make a poster that I will put on my stand.

My budget:
Sugar =  $3:00
20 eggs = $5:50c
Vanilla essence = $2:00
Plastic bags for package = $2:00

Total budget = $12:50

Packaging for my product.

For our inquiry we have been making products and doing a lot of work preparing and improving them so we can sell them at a market day for our school.
One of the things we had to do was create packaging, a label and a business
card if wanted here is my packaging, logo and business card.
I am making meringues and my packaging is a plastic bag that is tight enough so they won't go stale.  

Thursday, 17 September 2015


These are my 2 knots that I did. The left 1 is a bow line ant the right one is a figure of 8.
The reason we are doing this is because next week we are going optimist yachting and we will need to know how to do them for rigging up the boat so if we capsize the mast doesn't sink to the bottom of the pond!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Calendar art 2015

This is my calendar art for 2015, the middle picture is a mandala which I coloured in with pencils. The edges are decorated with zentangle designs which I came up with my self.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Shape maths

In maths today we learnt about maths.
As you can see in the photo we made shapes out of play - do and match sticks.
We also learnt how to draw different shapes like right angled triangles and parallelograms.
We also did made origami boxes.

Monday, 22 June 2015

My acrostic poem

My acrostic poem about horses

Over jumps in competition 
Racing as fast as the wind
Stealing my heart
Everyone should bond with a horse 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


National young leaders day NZ

Yesterday all the leaders form our school went down to Palmesrston North for NYDLNZ.
We went to hear from 5 inspirational speakers to make us a better leader.
They told us some very important messages like "Never give up" "Do what you love" and "All passion, No limits"
Although it was very helpful the made the whole vent very fun so no one got bored.
The only down side was we had to get up early enough to be at school by 6:20! 
It was defiantly an event all of us learnt from and will remember. 
We also got a NYLDNZ pin which represents 1. Every individual is of great worth 2. It is important to be the same inside out 3. It is important to use your ability on the behalf of others, leader ship is a privilege not a right 4. Leader ship is about serving and not being served. 

 We also took a lot of notes during the presentation so now we have the knowledge to be a great leader.

Stitched dot art

Stitched dot art!

My stitched dot art:
In room 13 we learnt how to do some stitched dot art as you can see (to the right).
First off we scratched a background and splattered neon paint on to it to give it effect.
We then traced a circle and pinned little holes to make it easier to stitch.
Lastly we stitched whatever we wanted using whatever colours we wanted to make our design unique. 
The finished products looked really cool and every design we have is different.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Foul shot

My Foul Shot

With a line of other components,
5 seconds until I start,
A class of determined people,
Noises everywhere,
Figuring out my game plan,
Wiping imaginary sweat off my hands,
Lining up my pedals,
Getting ready to start the race,
Balancing myself on top,
Pushing off and its have started,
Straightening it with my body,
Leaning my weight forward,
Then I hear scraping,
My pedal against the ground,
The handles,
Slip between my fingers,

Threatening to fall,
Then when you think everything will fail,
It straightens,  
We made it ,
We made it through the cones

Thursday, 30 April 2015

The riding camp was usual enough

The riding school was usual enough; it had
A horse ,a dog, a paddock, a driveway
That runs through it, and even a rickety old feed shed
I never went into. My friends, my instructor and I
Did what riders do - cantering and jumping around the grassy
Paddock, made jumps out of whatever we could find, dodged the crazy
Jack Russell's, hid like ninjas in the dark
Bushes with only the moon for light.
Broke badminton bats, got shuttle cocks stuck in trees or pretended we were ponies.

Doing nothing important.

Zoe R Holland