Sunday, 9 November 2014

Too much phone

1. Why do students need access to mobile phones in the classroom?
If they don’t have computers or ipads they would need it for google drive and maths and reading games.

2. Are mobile phones too complicated? What are the advantages/disadvantages of cramming so much technology into a mobile phone? Use a T-chart to show your thinking.
If you know to use it no but if you don’t it can very frustrating and complicated.

3. How have the developments in mobile phone technology directly benefited students in classrooms?
They can use it for school games like sum dog and popplet.
  1. Why do you think the author starts the article with a rhetorical question?
So that it makes the reader get interested and so they start thinking about what the article is about.
  1. Do you agree or disagree with this article? Explain your thinking.
I agree with most of it but they are useful for school if you are using them sensibly and for the right things, I also think that if you don’t know how to use it it can be very frustrating and complicated.

Writing explanation

Sea turtles life cycle

This is an explanation of the sea turtles life cycle, they are coming close to extinction they have lived since the dinosaurs and now human intervention may cause the extinction of them.

First the female lays the eggs in a burrow in the sand she lays around 800 eggs but only 200 of them hatch. After the 200 eggs hatch the baby turtles make their risky journey to the water sadly crabs and seagulls get the better of them another 200 drop.

The 200 baby sea turtles that reach the water have yet more predators to face like sharks and other large fish, for the first few days of their life under water the swim frantically forward and then try to find a patch of seaweed to settle under. For a few months they stay under their temporary home to avoid getting eaten by predators but unfortunately another 100 drop.

After they have lived under a patch of floating seaweed for a few months they grow into the adult size.Their shells are now really hard and they are the size of a dinner plate. Now their only predator is the shark. Sadly with all of us humans polluting the ocean 100 turtles die after all of this only 2 turtles survive to breeding age and then this whole lifecycle happens again.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

camp photos


Readers theatre three billy goats gruff

Ms Washington dance group

My camp prezi

Scary camp story

           Scary story

This is a scary story about camp so lets get started.It was a dark night only the rustling of the branches could be heard and the howling of the wind which made the door creep open ever so slightly every now and then. I saw a light it was heading towards our cabin getting brighter every minute one by one the girls got into their sleeping bags a little deeper and tried to be as silent as possible even Isabella who usually talked through the whole night. Suddenly the light got so bright it blinded us all at last my eyes adjusted and  I could make out a tall figure from what I saw it looked he was holding a knife a screamed and the figure switched of the torch and turned on the light.It was… Stacy he wasn't holding a knife it was he key to his car He asked me why I screamed I was lost for words so I pretended to be asleep  after what seemed like hours he left and I could get some proper rest!

Yes to camp!!

Yes to Camp!

Although not everybody would agree, I want to say that we should have camp.

I have several reasons for arguing this point of view. Firstly we learn all about surviving in the wild and how to work as a team. We also learn how to handle a pistol and rafting skills I know this because I have been on school camps and have done this and learnt this skill.

Secondly Mrs Cameron and Mrs Burns said that they do not mind planning because it is worth it in the end, and during being on camp they get to see the other side of the children, and some of them experience things they have never done like rafting and shooting and so on.

Thirdly. You think it is too expensive Guthrie Smith Camp is only $25 per child because they let you make your own activities and you have to bring your own food for meals. The parents can help by baking so it is not as expensive as Mountain Valley.

Finally we need to take risks and be more independent and start to get over our fears. The word fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real which is what Rory McCallum an outdoor educator told us. I know we need to take risks because we read an article about cotton wool kids and we know that take risks to know how far to push ourselves.

I strongly believe that the reasons above are why we should have camp.

By Zoe

Daffodil song lyrics

Verse 1:
Daffodil day is coming soon just a day away,
you better save up some money so you can put it in the bucket,

Saving all these poor kids in the hospital,
donate some money a dollar will do,
I have no cash where's the machine,
Do you have some money I could use,
maybe in that bucket over there,
over there.

Daffodil day daffodil day,
The flowers are beautiful,

Daffodil day daffodil day,
the money is worth it,
so don’t take it back,

Let the daffodils grow,
Daffodil day is important.

To the tune of let it go.

By Harriet, Zoe and Isabella

Thursday, 22 May 2014


For Zoos
Against Zoos
Some endangered need caring for because people hunt them
Animals need a lot of space
people like going to the Zoo to see the animals
If they are raised in the Zoo the do not how to look after themselves

I am against Zoo’s

I am against zoo’s because animals need a lot of space to roam around but in most zoo’s the animals are stuck in small cage’s. If an elephant has a baby the baby is never going to learn how to live in the wild or how to catch their own food which the need to know if the ever get released to the wild.

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,
I just read the pick up your own dog poo article and I totally agree. Owners should pick up their dogs poo because if you don’t someone is bound to step on it or having a dog myself the dogs always want to sniff it and roll in it which means you have to clean the dog. Also you can reuse some plastic bags and when you take your dog out you can use one of them to pick up the poo and put into the bin.
Our beaches would look a lot cleaner with no dog poo lying around.

That is why I think that dog owners should pick up their dogs poo.

From Zoe

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Jumping off a cliff

                Jumping off the cliff

I climb carefully up the slimy rocks aware that the next step could be the end of me finally I reach the top where I will jump off into the cold deep lake. I can’t see into the lake because of the dirty mucky water, what if there are sharks in there I think to myself suddenly I don’t want to jump in and back away from the edge. I look down there is no way i could make it down there without slipping the only way down is to jump into the lake and swim to shore. I decide to get it over with quickly so I run up to the edge of the cliff… NO I can’t do it I am sooo scared suddenly my mouth gets dry and I start to get really hot if I jump in I will be able to get a drink and cool down that is if I make it out alive I decide not to think about the negatives and focus on the positives. I need water now thats all I can think of have to jump in I run up again this time faster and I…. jump off aiming to land in a pike position SPLASH!!!!!! I land feet first in the icy cold water. Immediately I swim to shore as fast as I can and tell dad “can I do that again?!!!”

Monday, 5 May 2014

Personal experience

My First Cartwheel  
I could feel all of their beady rat eyes staring at me, I was starting to feel the pressure. I walked out trying to be as slow as possible maybe they would call out the nexts person name. No such luck.

I arrived and saw the dreaded clipboard,and its owner the judge. I saluted at the judge and the strong smell of her perfume drifted up to my nose.

“You may start” said the judge. I start with the forward roll I am pretty sure I aced that, next comes the handstand into forward roll 1,2,3,4,5 I count in my handstand position, right, now into forward roll good,now for the cart wheel,this is the move I had been dreading, I still have not masted this move, sweat started trickling down my back and my mouth was starting to get dry, I feel my hands touch the floor I struggle to hold my body and I try and hurry up I swing my legs over my head and stand up trying not stumble,too late I stumble a little to the side I hope the judge did not notice.
‘thankyou you may go back to your seat’

As I arrive at my seat my friends name gets called out “good luck” I say and smile a small smile.