Thursday, 8 May 2014

Jumping off a cliff

                Jumping off the cliff

I climb carefully up the slimy rocks aware that the next step could be the end of me finally I reach the top where I will jump off into the cold deep lake. I can’t see into the lake because of the dirty mucky water, what if there are sharks in there I think to myself suddenly I don’t want to jump in and back away from the edge. I look down there is no way i could make it down there without slipping the only way down is to jump into the lake and swim to shore. I decide to get it over with quickly so I run up to the edge of the cliff… NO I can’t do it I am sooo scared suddenly my mouth gets dry and I start to get really hot if I jump in I will be able to get a drink and cool down that is if I make it out alive I decide not to think about the negatives and focus on the positives. I need water now thats all I can think of have to jump in I run up again this time faster and I…. jump off aiming to land in a pike position SPLASH!!!!!! I land feet first in the icy cold water. Immediately I swim to shore as fast as I can and tell dad “can I do that again?!!!”

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