Sunday, 9 November 2014

Too much phone

1. Why do students need access to mobile phones in the classroom?
If they don’t have computers or ipads they would need it for google drive and maths and reading games.

2. Are mobile phones too complicated? What are the advantages/disadvantages of cramming so much technology into a mobile phone? Use a T-chart to show your thinking.
If you know to use it no but if you don’t it can very frustrating and complicated.

3. How have the developments in mobile phone technology directly benefited students in classrooms?
They can use it for school games like sum dog and popplet.
  1. Why do you think the author starts the article with a rhetorical question?
So that it makes the reader get interested and so they start thinking about what the article is about.
  1. Do you agree or disagree with this article? Explain your thinking.
I agree with most of it but they are useful for school if you are using them sensibly and for the right things, I also think that if you don’t know how to use it it can be very frustrating and complicated.

Writing explanation

Sea turtles life cycle

This is an explanation of the sea turtles life cycle, they are coming close to extinction they have lived since the dinosaurs and now human intervention may cause the extinction of them.

First the female lays the eggs in a burrow in the sand she lays around 800 eggs but only 200 of them hatch. After the 200 eggs hatch the baby turtles make their risky journey to the water sadly crabs and seagulls get the better of them another 200 drop.

The 200 baby sea turtles that reach the water have yet more predators to face like sharks and other large fish, for the first few days of their life under water the swim frantically forward and then try to find a patch of seaweed to settle under. For a few months they stay under their temporary home to avoid getting eaten by predators but unfortunately another 100 drop.

After they have lived under a patch of floating seaweed for a few months they grow into the adult size.Their shells are now really hard and they are the size of a dinner plate. Now their only predator is the shark. Sadly with all of us humans polluting the ocean 100 turtles die after all of this only 2 turtles survive to breeding age and then this whole lifecycle happens again.