Tuesday, 16 June 2015


National young leaders day NZ

Yesterday all the leaders form our school went down to Palmesrston North for NYDLNZ.
We went to hear from 5 inspirational speakers to make us a better leader.
They told us some very important messages like "Never give up" "Do what you love" and "All passion, No limits"
Although it was very helpful the made the whole vent very fun so no one got bored.
The only down side was we had to get up early enough to be at school by 6:20! 
It was defiantly an event all of us learnt from and will remember. 
We also got a NYLDNZ pin which represents 1. Every individual is of great worth 2. It is important to be the same inside out 3. It is important to use your ability on the behalf of others, leader ship is a privilege not a right 4. Leader ship is about serving and not being served. 

 We also took a lot of notes during the presentation so now we have the knowledge to be a great leader.

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