Monday, 5 May 2014

Personal experience

My First Cartwheel  
I could feel all of their beady rat eyes staring at me, I was starting to feel the pressure. I walked out trying to be as slow as possible maybe they would call out the nexts person name. No such luck.

I arrived and saw the dreaded clipboard,and its owner the judge. I saluted at the judge and the strong smell of her perfume drifted up to my nose.

“You may start” said the judge. I start with the forward roll I am pretty sure I aced that, next comes the handstand into forward roll 1,2,3,4,5 I count in my handstand position, right, now into forward roll good,now for the cart wheel,this is the move I had been dreading, I still have not masted this move, sweat started trickling down my back and my mouth was starting to get dry, I feel my hands touch the floor I struggle to hold my body and I try and hurry up I swing my legs over my head and stand up trying not stumble,too late I stumble a little to the side I hope the judge did not notice.
‘thankyou you may go back to your seat’

As I arrive at my seat my friends name gets called out “good luck” I say and smile a small smile.

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